About Us


Our Approach

Lake Forest Estates is a single-family residential neighborhood located on the southwest portion of Houston County Lake. The location is perfect for those who want to get away, either on the weekends or permanently. Fishing, jetskiing,  boating, swimming, and just about any other form of water activity is just footsteps from your door.

Our Story

The creator of Lake Forest Estates thought it important to keep the neighborhood one of the best on the lake. As a result deed destrictions were formed to make sure that only single-family residences are located in the neighborhood, and that property values are protected.

Lake Forest Estates was created in the early 1970's, with 81 lots approximately one quarter of an acre each, scattered throughout two sections. At this time there are roughly 35 to 40 homes, either along the waterside or inland. There is also a park with a boat ramp, built exclusively for the residents of the subdivision.



Fishing can be enjoyed year round, by boat or from land, at any age.  It is by far one of the more popular activities that you will find on the lake, all year long.



Boating, water skiing, paddleboarding, sailing, jet skiing, and wake boarding can all be found on the lake during the warmer months.



There isn't a better place in the world to relax and unwind after a busy day.  Watching the sun rise or set is a favorite pastime of the lake residents.